Town Branch Commons

Town Branch Commons will be a strip of Bluegrass running through downtown Lexington, roughly following the path of Town Branch, Lexington’s first water source. It will link our city's two major trails, Town Branch Trail and the Legacy Trail, giving us 22 miles of uninterrupted trail, connecting downtown to our world famous rural landscape.

Town Branch Commons will be a centerpiece of our community for decades, as it will be

  • A strip of history running through our city center
  • A connector of neighborhoods, people, and public spaces
  • Green infrastructure that improves water quality and our urban ecology
  • A transportation network that can be used for far more than just recreation
  • A huge step forward for our community’s public space


Vine street rendering

The Town Branch Commons is all-inclusive of the Town Branch Park, Town Branch Trail, immediately adjacent parks, pedestrian spaces and connections to other downtown parks/plazas/etc. Town Branch Park is the signature park at the western most part of the Town Branch Commons. Fundraising and implementation is being led by the Town Branch Fund. Town Branch Trail runs through the Town Branch Commons, LFUCG is overseeing the implementation of the downtown section of the TB Trail as it completes the larger trail system that runs throughout Fayette County. LFUCG and the Town Branch Fund are both implementing pieces of this greater project. Learn more by visiting the project website.


Step one, beginning in Spring 2018, is the construction of a Midland Avenue trunk sewer upgrade. Once the sewer work is done, construction can begin on the downtown section of Town Branch Trail. This sanitary sewer project, which is part of the city’s plan to improve our sewer infrastructure, marks the first steps of the Town Branch Commons Project.

The Midland Avenue project will increase the size of over 5,500 feet of sanitary sewer trunk lines, which are the pipes that carry wastewater from homes and businesses to the wastewater treatment plant. Increasing the capacity of sanitary sewer lines helps prevent sanitary sewer overflows, which occur when the sewer becomes overburdened and spills untreated sewage into roads, yards and creeks.

The Midland Avenue trunk sewer upgrade portion of Town Branch Commons is scheduled for completion in December this year. More details about the trail’s construction will be shared as we near this next phase of construction of the Town Branch Commons. 

Midland Watercrop