Town Branch watershed


A watershed is an area of land where all of the rainwater that falls drains to the same place.

The Town Branch watershed covers 260 square miles in central and northwest Fayette County. The main tributaries to Town Branch are Wolf Run, which is a separate watershed contributing flow to the Town Branch watershed, and the Bracktown Branch and Bethel Road Tributary both of which are part of the Town Branch watershed.

As it leaves Fayette County, Town Branch flows into South Elkhorn Creek which eventually flows to the Kentucky River. Due to the underlying limestone and shale bedrock, the Town Branch watershed is located within a karst terrain. There are three known karst basins within the Town Branch Watershed: the Silver, Lindsay, and Mystery.

Although the Urban Service Area is highly developed, stormwater runoff is the most likely cause of pollution from E.coli and fecal coliform, nutrients and sediment from erosion and construction. 

Town Branch projects


  1. Town Branch WWTP Equalization Tank
  2. Town Branch Pump Station & Force Main
  3. Lower Cane Run Force Main Tie-In
  4. UK Trunk Sewer Replacement A
  5. UK Trunk Sewer Replacement B (Newtown Pike Ext.)
  6. UK Trunk Sewer Replacement C
  7. UK Trunk Sewer Replacement D
  8. UK Trunk Sewer Replacement E
  9. Georgetown Road Trunk Sewer Replacement
  10. Midland Avenue Trunk Sewer Replacement