Parent Education Program

The mission of the Parent Education Program is to empower students to graduate high school as confident parents who have the skills needed to maintain family stability and pursue personal goals.

The City of Lexington’s Parent Education Program partners with Fayette County Public Schools to provide high school education and social services intervention to young parents and expectant youth ages 13 – 20 years old.

  • In addition to high school education, students will participate in parenting and life skills classes designed to prepare them for their future as a parent and provider.
  • All students with children are required to enroll their children in the Early Child Care Program.
  • The City contracts with FCPS to provide daily bus transportation for students and their children.
  • While enrolled in the program, students may still participate in extracurricular activities (sports, prom, clubs, etc.) at their districted high school.

Learn about the program and additional details.

Contact Robin Wilkerson, with further questions or to enroll, (859) 288-4045. Applicants must complete the student application and contact Robin Wilkerson to schedule an interview.


The Parent Education Program rewards students for good grades, attendance, demonstration of parenting skills, and exemplary behavior or character through various incentives. If you wish to donate, see our wish list.

The program engages community resources and volunteers in numerous ways to increase students’ community connections. If you wish to share your time, talents, or expertise for the benefit of our program and students, here is how you can volunteer.


Robin Wilkerson, Parent Education Manager, (859) 288-4045

Ronica Whitlock, Parent Education Social Worker, (859) 288-4019

Cara Macleod, Parent Education Social Worker, (859) 288-4015

Shannon Kettenring, Parent Education Clerical Support, (859) 288-4057

Fayette County Public Schools staff


Chris Salyers, FCPS Program Director, (859) 382-2042

Katy Disney, FCPS Guidance Counselor, (859) 288-4075

Kimberly Chandler, FCPS Administrative Assistant, (859) 382-2042

Ashley Reed, Teacher, (859) 288-4086

Nicki Shelton, Teacher, (859) 288-4033

Suzanne Peterson, Teacher, (859) 288-4020