Lexington has four spraygrounds located at Castlewood, Douglass, Jacobson and Masterson Station parks. Spraygrounds are interactive water features that are ideal for children of all ages. Designed to have no standing water, there is no lifeguard on duty so parent supervision is required. 

Opening days 

Masterson Station* and Jacobson spraygrounds are located adjacent to the playgrounds in each park and will open for the season on Saturday, April 23, 2022.

* Please note: Parking for the Sprayground at Masterson Station Park on April 23 will be located across from the fairgrounds as the parking lot and drive will be closed off and in use for Kite Fest.

Castlewood and Douglass Spraygrounds are located adjacent to the pools in each park and will open when the pools open:

  • Castlewood: Saturday, May 28, 2022
  • Douglass: Saturday, June 4, 2022

Closing days

The closing day for Masterson Station & Jacobson spraygrounds is Sunday, Oct. 2, 2022.

Castlewood & Douglas spraygrounds closing day is the same as their pools:

  • Douglass: Sunday, July 31, 2022
  • Castlewood: Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022


outdoor fountain park, with short pole showing a sticker pointing to top of poleTo activate the sprayground, touch the top of the pole located near the entrance. 


Locations and hours


320 Parkview Ave.
Operational during pool hours.


701 Howard St.
Operational during pool hours.


4001 Athens Boonesboro Road
Daily, 9 a.m. –  8 p.m.

Masterson Station

3051 Leestown Road
Daily, 9 a.m. –  8 p.m.