Sanitary sewer plan

The Sanitary Sewers Remedial Measures Plans will serve as a master plan to improve our sanitary sewer system over the next 11 – 13 years at a cost of $600 million dollars. If Lexington does not fix its sanitary sewer system, we can face fines every time there is a sanitary sewer overflow.

You can read the plans submitted to the EPA for approval:

These plans were given final approval on March 19, 2016. You can view the sanitary sewer projects and the wastewater treatment plant upgrades.  This link provides the current completion status of the sanitary sewer and wastewater treatment plan upgrade projects.

More about the remedial measures plans


The Consent Decree requires that a Remedial Measures Program is established for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County sanitary sewer system. This program will evaluate the sanitary sewer system to identify a cost-effective, efficient improvement plan to address recurring sanitary sewer overflows. See where the overflows are.

If you notice a sanitary sewer overflow, avoid the area and report the situation by calling LexCall at 311 or 425-2255.


The LFUCG is required to achieve compliance with the Clean Water Act by the Consent Decree, which settled a lawsuit brought forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Commonwealth of Kentucky against the LFUCG.


The LFUCG will continue towards Consent Decree compliance through the implementation of the Remedial Measures Program over the next 11 – 13 years.


Improvements will occur in areas within the LFUCG Urban Service Boundary. These improvements will occur where a recurring sanitary sewer overflow occurs.


The Remedial Measures Program is important because it is moving towards Consent Decree compliance. This also improves public safety, reduces the number of sanitary sewer overflows and limits potential pollutants from entering our waterways.