Safe Streets

Safe Streets aims to make Lexington’s roadways safe for all users, including cyclists, walkers and drivers. The program also promotes safe use of shared trails. 

Safe Streets is funded by the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Paula Nye Memorial Bicyclist and Pedestrian Education Grant.

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Get involved!

Here are several simple ways you can get involved in the Safe Streets effort:

Learn about safe behaviors to use while getting around. Slow down when driving, pay attention and give bicyclists three feet of space. Always use safety devices – helmets and seatbelts. Cross the street at intersections and crosswalks. Wear bright clothing and lights when biking or scooting at night. On shared-use trails, yield to pedestrians, announce passing, and ride on the right and pass on the left. Always pay attention – no matter how you are getting around.

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Attend a Safe Streets event. Upcoming events can be found on the right side of the page.

Hosting a community event? Safe Streets can provide resources and information. Reach out to

Display a ‘Slow Down’ yard sign. Request a sign while supplies last by emailing Signs must be placed in your yard and cannot be placed in the grass strip between the street and sidewalk. Please return signs that are in good condition when you are finished using them. Place damaged signs and sign stakes in the trash. Do not put them in the recycling.

Share Safe Streets materials. Safe Streets materials are available for download in English and in Spanish to anyone wishing to get the message out about safe driving, walking and cycling. These materials are available at no charge for online use or to download and print. Contact us at if you would like printed materials or have suggestions or questions.

Download Safe Streets materials

Donate a used kid's bike or scooter. Used bikes and scooters in good working order are welcome for use in the City’s safe trails and streets youth outreach programs. Email if you have a bike or scooter to donate.