Right-of-way management

Engineering manages permitting for street cuts and other construction work within the public right-of-way in accordance with Chapter 17C of the Code of Ordinances.

Annual General Permit (AGP)

Registered utilities are allowed to perform specific types of work under their Annual General Permit (AGP) as specified in Chapter 17C of the Code of Ordinances.

In order to submit AGP notifications you must be a registered utility and pay the Annual General Permit fee for your company.

Any proposed work in a “high density area” may not be submitted as an AGP notification and must be submitted as a surface cut or installation permit.

There is no cost for an AGP notification.

Submit an AGP Notification

Surface cut and installation permits

Registered utilities must apply for a surface cut or installation permit to perform any type of work in public rights-of-way not covered by the Annual General Permit.

If you are a contractor (that is not a registered utility) that will be performing work in the public right-of-way, please contact John Cassel by email at jcassel@lexingtonky.gov or by calling (859) 258-3984 we will initiate the permit permit for you.

Surface cut permits cost $250 and installation permits cost $100.

Apply for a Surface Cut / Installation Permit 

Technical support

If you need technical support for the permitting page or are experiencing problems with this site, you may contact Computer Services by email or by calling (859) 258-3730

If you have questions about working in the right-of-way, the registration process, or the permitting process, contact us by email or by calling (859) 258-3984.