Reforest the Bluegrass at Home

Reforest at Home is HERE! Starting May 8, five species will be available each weekend for pickup at no cost from partner locations. Plant the trees at your home or in pre-approved locations at city parks. If you would like more than five trees, email to make that request. Many species are limited in quantity. We cannot fulfill specific orders. Our arborist will make sure you get trees that are appropriate for the space you have. Large requests will be filled later in the month.

  • Wednesdays at 3 p.m. – Facebook Live events with kids' lessons on trees
  • Thursdays at 3 p.m. – Live, online Ask-an-Arborist events where you can learn about the tree species available and the kind of place to plant them
  • Friday through Sunday – Distribution points for tree seedlings throughout the community – with information on which tree is which and where they should go. Seedlings are free. Please note: locations are not staffed and seedlings are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Anytime – An online method for reporting what tree you planted and where it went; extra Reforest love if you share a picture of your tree in its new home


During the weekend of May 29 – 31, members of the high school class of 2020 and their families will have the opportunity to plant trees to honor their accomplishments as part of the Legacy Forest.

Log your planted tree on our map

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Tree species list

Graduation, May 29 – 31

Species Suitable for under utility lines (15-20' average mature height) Prefers afternoon shade Provides large shaded area (requires large growing room for roots and canopy) Small ornamental (15-20' average mature height, can thrive in smaller space) Produces a nut, fruit or pod Tends to have multiple trunks, not just a single one
River birch No No No No No No
Tulip poplar No No Yes No No No
Oak (Black, White, Northern red, Post) No No Yes No Yes No
Serviceberry Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Kentucky coffeetree No No Yes No Yes No

Pickup locations

The weekend of May 29 through May 31. Seedlings will be available starting at noon on Friday, May 29.

  • Boone Creek Outdoors (8291 Old Richmond Rd.)
  • Gay Brewer, Jr. Course at Picadome (469 Parkway Dr.) – patio under the Pro Shop window
  • Good Foods Co-op (455 Southland Dr.)
  • John's Run/Walk Shop – Ashland (317 S. Ashland Ave.)
  • Lakeside Golf Course (3725 Richmond Road) – front porch
  • Tates Creek Golf Course (1400 Gainesway Dr.) – porch of the Craft Building beside the Pro Shop
  • 656 Northside Dr.
  • 407 Park View Ave.


Pre-approved city park planting sites

Don't have a spot for a tree at home? No problem! The following locations have been approved for you to plant your Reforest at Home seedlings. Plant in the areas marked by green flags and orange spray paint. The grass will be taller here than in other areas of the park. Mulch will be available on site. 

The public planting sites are in tall grassy areas. You are encouraged to wear pants and close-toed shoes.

  • Belleau Woods Park (3770 Forest Green Drive)
  • Highlands Park (1991 Mark Avenue)
  • Liberty Trail Park (south of Starshoot Parkway)
  • Oakwood Park (1050 Briarwood Drive)
  • Pine Meadows Park (1631 Tazwell Drive)
  • Wellington Park (565 Wellington Way)


View a map

Class of 2020 Legacy Forest

Special event for the class of 2020

Celebrate graduation by planting a tree. Plant at home or in a Lexington park in your school’s Class of 2020 Legacy Forest. School planting sites will be marked with signs at each park.

How to participate:

  1. Reserve your free tree (while supplies last). Request a tree
  2. Plant your tree at home or in your school’s Class of 2020 Legacy Forest.
  3. Map your Legacy Tree on the Community Tree Inventory and share a picture with your tree. Log your tree



School Planting Locations    
Bryan Station High School Highlands Park 1991 Mark Avenue
Frederick Douglass High School Liberty Trail Park South of Starshoot Parkway
Henry Clay High School Liberty Trail Park South of Starshoot Parkway
Lafayette High School Wellington Park 565 Wellington Way
Opportunity Middle College Wellington Park 565 Wellington Way
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School Pine Meadows Park 1631 Tazwell Drive
Sayre Upper School Athletic Complex 300 Canebrake Drive
STEAM Academy Oakwood Park 1050 Briarwood Drive
Tates Creek High School Belleau Woods Park

3770 Forest Green Drive

The Learning Center Oakwood Park 1050 Briarwood Drive


View a map of the planting locations

Please adhere to social distancing protocols when picking up and planting your Legacy Tree.

The Class of 2020 Legacy Forest Project is made possible by:

  • America in Bloom Lexington
  • Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council
  • City of Lexington
  • Fayette County Public Schools

Proper planting and tree care information

Our accomplishments

  • More than 195 acres of floodplains restored
  • More than 17,500 volunteers involved
  • More than 150,000 tree seedlings planted
  • Around 65% first-year survival rates
  • Fewer than $175,000 of local government funds spent
  • More than $130,000 private funds raised
  • If plantings had been contracted out, they would have cost $1.2 million.

2020 Sponsors

GOLDEN OAK SPONSORS (up to $2,500 level):
Kentucky American Water
Kentucky Utilities
Paul Miller Ford/Fortune Collision

SILVER MAPLE SPONSORS (up to $1,000 level):
John’s Run/Walk Shop
Quantrell Subaru
Cohen Recycling Lexington
Big Beaver Tree Service

BRONZE PINE SPONSORS (up to $500 level):
Environmental Commission
Big Bang Custom T-shirts