Reducing home energy use

Energy reductions can be achieved through both small changes and large retrofits. Many of these upgrades pay for themselves over time. There are many upgrades you can tackle on your own, or you can contact an energy professional.   

Ways to lower home energy use

  • Get an energy audit of your home
  • Improve the efficiency of your home itself (e.g., structure, windows, pipes)
  • Properly maintain or replace your HVAC system
  • Upgrade your appliances
  • Adjust your home energy-use routines

Energy audits

Getting an energy audit is a great first step, as this will identify the areas of your home that are least efficient and can direct you to improvements that address your home’s specific needs.  There are several Central Kentucky companies that conduct these audits. Blue Grass Energy customers can get a free virtual or home energy audit.

There are also many resources online that can guide you through conducting your own home audit. Bluegrass Greensource has energy audit kits available for checkout through a partnership with Lexington Public Libraries.

Other energy efficiency resources