City employees who obtain positions within the Unified Pay Plan (pay grades are in the 500-series) for classified and unclassified civil service having higher pay grades than their former positions will have their salary placed at the point in the higher-grade salary ranges that will provide a total increase of 7% if the promotions are to a grade one grade higher than that occupied by the employees, 3% for the next grade higher than the employees’ current positions and 2% for each additional pay grade thereafter. The resulting pay will be no less than the entrance rate of pay of the new pay grade and will be no less than a 7% increase. The new salary will not be more than the maximum salary of the assigned pay grade; provided, however, that the appointing authority may recommend and the urban county council may approve rates of pay above these recommended rates of pay in recognition of market demands or in recognition of the experience or exceptional qualifications of the employees. In no case, however, will the employees receive a salary lower than the entrance rate of pay of the grade salary ranges of the higher positions.

Code of Ordinances, Sec. 21-18. – Promotions.

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