Personal leave of absence (ADMN and CNCL)

Under certain circumstances, the city may grant a personal leave of absence without pay to eligible employees who are ineligible for any other paid leave category. Personal leave of absence, for the purpose of this section, includes “administrative leave” and/or “council leave”. The decision to grant leave time to eligible employees is at the sole discretion of management. The definition of eligible employees is provided in each of the two personal leave types listed below. After an employee utilizes an unpaid leave category (except for FMLA leave) for an entire pay period, the employee will not earn vacation or sick days for the month. Health insurance coverage will continue and flex credits will be applied during the leave if employees submit their monthly premium payments to the city in a timely manner, subject to the terms of the plan documents.

Upon completion of the personal leave of absence, the city will attempt to return employees to their original job or a similar position, subject to prevailing government-business considerations.

Failure to advise management of availability to return to work, failure to return to work when notified, or a continued absence from work beyond the time approved by the city will be considered a voluntary resignation of employment. 

Administrative leave (ADMIN)

A supervisor may authorize a classified civil service employee, probationary employee or full-time unclassified civil service employee (with the exception of seasonal employees) a leave of absence without pay (“administrative leave”) for personal reasons for a period or periods not to exceed 10 working days in any calendar year. If an employee utilizes 10 working days of administrative leave and more time off is needed, the employee may request council leave.

Council leave (CNCL)

The chief administrative officer may, with the approval of the urban county council, authorize special leaves of absence without pay (“council leave”) for classified civil service employees (does not include probationary) or full-time unclassified civil service employees (with the exception of seasonal employees) for any period or periods not to exceed three calendar months in any one calendar year for the following purposes: attendance at college, university, or business school for the purpose of training in subjects related to the work of the employee and which will benefit the employee and the city; urgent personal business for an extended period, such as illness of the employee or illness or death of a relative, settling estates, liquidating businesses, attending court as a witness; or, for such other purposes as may be deemed beneficial to the city.

Note: The chief administrative officer may recommend, and the urban county council may grant, leaves of absence with or without pay in excess of the limitations for administrative leave and council leave for the purpose of permitting the attending of courses in training at recognized universities or colleges and for other purposes that are deemed to be beneficial to the urban county government.

Code of Ordinances, Sec. 21-37. – Leave of absence (A – C).
CAO Policy 46: Qualified Adult Benefits.

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