Pedestrian Safety

By the numbers

  • 2 million + : The number of vehicle carried each day by Lexington's most heavily-traveled roadways
  • 6,000 + : Pedestrians killed in motor vehicle collisions nationwide in 2017
    (Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
  • 26: Percentage of Lexington's 2017 motor vehicle fatalities that were pedestrians
  • 1,700 : Approximate number of miles of sidewalk in Lexington, with more added each year as budgeted funds are available

Safe walking best practices

Use sidewalks.

Walk on a sidewalk or path off the road whenever possible. If a sidewalk isn’t available, walk on the far side of the road facing traffic. Stay off busy roadways; be familiar with Lexington’s Pedestrian Safety Ordinance.

Be visible. 

Wear brightly-colored clothes during the day. Be extra cautious in low-light conditions, such as dusk or when it rains. Nearly 1 out of 3 (32 percent) of all pedestrian fatalities occur between 8:00 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. (Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Wear lightly-colored and/or reflective clothes. Stay in well-lit areas, especially when crossing the street.

Make eye contact.

Be sure drivers in stopped vehicles see you before you cross in front of them. Never assume a driver will give you the right of way.

Stay alert.

Hopefully drivers and cyclists are paying attention, but pedestrians need to pay attention as well. Be responsible for your own safety. Keep your head up as your walk; don’t text, read or be otherwise visually distracted – especially when crossing a street. Similarly, don’t wear headphones that keep you from hearing important clues about what is happening around you.

Cross at crosswalks.

If a crosswalk isn’t available, cross at an intersection. In 2011 and 2012, 70% of pedestrian fatalities took place at non-intersections. (Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Pedestrian safety ordinance

To keep everyone safe, Lexington has specific rules for its busy roads also known as arterial roadways.

  • Cross roads in a crosswalk. Where there is no crosswalk, cross at an intersection. 
  • Other than when crossing a busy street, do not stand or walk in the roadway or on a median.
  • Do not approach a running vehicle that's stopped in traffic.