Pavement Management Plan

The Urban County Council has a Pavement Management Plan to standardize the process for maintaining city roads. This plan outlines the process for making decisions about 2,355 city-maintained lane miles in Fayette County. Responsibilities and budgets are outlined based on the classification of the road.

Large roads

Major and minor arterial roads are high traffic routes. Collector roads connect major arterial streets to residential streets. Local roads are neighborhood streets.

Major and minor arterials will receive 33% of a given fiscal year’s paving budget. Collector streets will receive 25%. Environmental Quality and Public Works staff will make recommendations related to maintenance of these roads based on a variety of data including overall conditions, predicted performance and benefit-cost ratios.

The management plan includes a five-year capital improvement plan for these larger roads.

5-year management plan map

This plan is subject to change based on budget availability and project costs; roads may be addressed sooner or later than presented here. This map will be updated periodically to reflect such changes.

5-year management plan map

Paving map

Local roads

Local streets normally receive 42% of the paving budget each fiscal year. The money is split among Lexington’s 12 council districts, with the share determined by percent of local lane miles within each district and the overall condition of those roadways. Individual councilmembers work with EQPW staff to make decisions about maintenance of local roads.

Street maintenance responsibility

This map shows the streets that are maintained by the city and what streets are maintained by the state.