Parks & Recreation policies

Lexington Parks & Recreation policies.

Parks & Recreation Policies

Please view the sections below to learn more about each Parks & Recreation policy.

Count Me In! Financial Assistance

Beginning January 1, 2024, Lexington Parks & Recreation is rolling out a new price structure for programs, camps, and events, including a more equitable financial assistance program titled “Count Me In.” Any paid program, camp, or event will now be eligible for a 50% financial assistance discount for youth and adults in qualifying households. Any extenuating circumstances that may still present barriers after the discount will be reviewed by staff on a case-by-case basis for additional assistance to ensure that programs and events are equitably accessible to all.

To qualify, parents/guardians must complete the below form and provide proof of eligibility. KTAP, medical assistance cards, documentation of foster care, or other proof of government assistance is acceptable as proof of eligibility.  

2024 Scholarship Form

Submit your completed form to Parks & Recreation, 545 North Upper St., Lexington, KY 40508.

Families must apply/reapply for financial assistance every year. 

Appeals for denial of financial assistance or requests for additional financial assistance may be made in writing to Parks & Recreation, Director, 469 Parkway Dr., Lexington, KY 40504.

For questions, contact (859) 288-2900.

Refund policy

Parks & Recreation offers 50% refunds for registration fees upon request. To receive a refund, complete the below form and submit it at least seven business days before the start of the activity. Exceptions to the timing of submittals will be made for special circumstances such as summer school attendance or medical reasons.  

Refund request form

Submit your completed form to the activity/program manager by mail to Parks & Recreation, 545 N. Upper St., Lexington, KY 40508 or fax to (859) 254-0142.

Appeals for denial of refunds may be made in writing to: Parks & Recreation, Attn: Director, 469 Parkway Dr., Lexington, KY 40504.

For questions, contact (859) 288-2900.

Severe weather policy

In the event of severe weather or emergency conditions, patrons participating in any Parks & Recreation program, athletic event or activity should take immediate cover from the possible impending emergency.

Any Parks & Recreation event shall be postponed or cancelled at the first sight of lightning or the sound of thunder at the activity site. If it is anticipated that the storm will pass, the activity may be resumed no sooner than 30 minutes after the last sight of lightning or the last sound of thunder.

In the event of severe and/or prolonged weather, Parks & Recreation facilities (including swimming pools, golf courses, etc.) will close until it is deemed safe for them to re-open

Barring policy

All persons who enter a Parks & Recreation facility or participate in an organized or passive park activity will conduct themselves in accordance with each facility’s posted rules and regulations. Below are policies that may lead to barring from a Parks & Recreation facility:

Photo policy

Parks & Recreation staff may take general photos/video of patrons at Parks’ facilities for use in promotional materials and on the city of Lexington website. If you have any concerns about having your photo or your child’s photo taken, please notify the photographer or contact Parks & Recreation at (859) 288-2900.

Parks & Registration program/activity registration forms include photo release statements. This gives Parks & Recreation permission to take your photo or your child’s photo. Again, please let us know if you would prefer that your likeness not be used.

Commercial photography/film policy

All commercial photography and filming in Lexington parks must be permitted. The photographer must also provide a certificate of insurance stating LFUCG as additional insured. Permit pricing is as follows:

  • Photography permit: $25 per day per location. 
  • Calendar year photography permit: $200 for one calendar year in all Lexington Parks. Photographers must reapply for each individual park and/or each individual day prior to the photo shoot to obtain the proper permit. 
  • Commercial filming (video) permit: $100 per day per location.

To obtain a permit, contact our rentals department at or (859) 288-2988 for more information

Equal opportunity

Parks & Recreation prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion or disability in its programs and/or activities. If anyone believes they have been discriminated against in any Parks & Recreation program, activity or at any facility, a complaint may be filed with our office at 469 Parkway Dr., Lexington, KY 40504; or you may call (859) 288-2900; or contact the Office of Equal Opportunity, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington, DC 20240.

Private instruction/lessons

  • Private instruction or lessons occurring in the parks must be permitted.
  • An instructor permit costs $50 for the calendar year or any portion thereof.
  • Instructors must provide a certificate of insurance including commercial general liability coverage in the minimum amount of $1 million per occurrence.
  • Instruction of minors under the age of 18 will require a criminal record check to be run on the instructor annually. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing.
  • An instructor’s permit does not grant exclusive use of any park or facility. Park amenities must remain open to the public.
  • Rentable amenities are available for rent in order to gain exclusive use. Additional charges will apply.


Sales tax

The Kentucky Department of Revenue has alerted us that starting Jan. 1, 2023, many service-based industries will be required to impose a 6% sales tax. This applies to youth sports, camps, rentals, and instructional training. As a result, beginning January 2023, a 6% sales tax will be applied to all events, programs, rentals, and camps that meet that criterion under Lexington Parks & Recreation.

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