Parks & Recreation online registration system

Lexington Parks & Recreation offers the convenience of online registration for most camps, activities and shelters.

First time visitor

If you are a first time visitor or a guest, you can use the system to:

  • Browse camps, leagues, activities or picnic shelters
  • Reserve tee times at most golf courses
  • Search for activities by type, age range, location and other criteria
  • Look up details about an activity (e.g., price, date, time, location, current enrollment)

Note: You cannot register for an activity or reserve a picnic shelter as a guest.

Sign-up for an online registration system account.

If you've registered for an activity or reserved a picnic shelter in the past three years, it is likely your household is in the system.

Note: You'll need a user ID and password to fully access the system.

Adding a family member to your household

The web registration system allows you to edit much of your household information via the "My Account" button. However, adding a family member must be done by a Parks & Recreation staff member only.To add a member to your household, contact Parks & Recreation at (859) 288-2900 or email with the name and age of the family member you would like to add. Be sure to include your name, mailing address and email address.

If the person you are adding is under the age of 18, follow the steps list in the "Verifying a child's age" section of this webpage. 

Verifying a child's age

In order for children to be registered for activities online, Parks & Recreation must see proof of age for each child. This can be done by mailing, faxing or bringing the following documents for verification purposes.

Acceptable forms of proof of age are:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Government-issued ID or passport
  • Government-issued insurance card with child's birth date or government-issued assistance card with child's birth date/original proof of immunization form with physician's signature

Upload proof of age.

Include your contact information.

Documentation may be returned to Lexington Parks & Recreation by the following methods:

  • Faxing a copy of proof of age to (859) 254-0142 (attn: Parks Web Help)
  • Bringing or mailing a copy of proof of age to either of Parks and Recreation's offices:

545 N Upper St,
Lexington Ky 40508

469 Parkway Dr,
Lexington Ky 40504

Registered Users

If you have received your ID and password, you can use the online registration system to:

  • Enroll for most classes, camps, leagues and activities
  • Reserve a picnic shelter at our larger community parks
  • Change your own user information including ID, password, email address, phone numbers, address and family members (If you need to add a new member, see text above.)

Access the online registration system.