Work on Lansdowne Drive is underway

Reconstruction work on the final section of the Lansdowne Drive improvement project has begun. One side of the roadway will be closed at a time and detoured, starting with the side opposite of the Signature Club. Each side will be closed between two and four weeks, depending on weather and site conditions.

When finished, much of Lansdowne Drive between Tates Creek Road and Wilson Downing Road will have been dug up, rebuilt, and repaved.

The restoration project began in 2014 and has been done in sections as funding has allowed. The section being rebuilt this time runs between Brookhill Drive and Malabu Drive and is expected to cost $1.9 million.

The city tried repairing smaller sections in the past but found that once they repaired one area, an adjacent area would fail.

“Lansdowne Drive was built in the 1950s when the subdivision was developed,” says George Milligan, construction supervisor in the City’s Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works. “The way roads are built has changed over time and Lansdowne Drive, which began as a concrete roadway, has suffered numerous failures.”

Residents who live in the work area will continue to have access to their homes.

This section of the project is expected to be completed by mid-July.