Council launches public input website

Mayor Linda Gorton today joined Urban County Councilmembers to announce the Council’s new public input website, “Engage Lexington.”  

“This is a new avenue of communication between the Council and the public,” Gorton said. “Engage Lexington will make it easier for residents to take a look at city projects, weigh issues, provide feedback, and ask questions.”

Councilmember-at-Large James Brown said, “Engage Lexington can really be a game changer in regard to how local leaders communicate, share information and engage with residents about policies and important issues in our community.”

All comments, ideas, suggestions, and survey responses will be used by staff to inform the Council of community input when developing programs, policies, and legislation. Feedback will be used in conjunction with other types of public input, like in-person public comment, emails, and neighborhood meetings.

“As a researcher, I’m excited about the potential that this tool provides our local government in creating data-driven policies now, and into the future,” Councilmember Liz Sheehan said.

Engage Lexington was recommended by the Council’s Public Input Subcommittee, established to explore and innovate ways Council could hear from the community. The subcommittee is chaired by Councilmember Hannah LeGris, with members Vice Mayor Dan Wu, and Councilmembers Chuck Ellinger, Shayla Lynch, and Sheehan. 

“Our responsibility as Councilmembers involves both listening to constituent input about our city, and accurately informing the public about the issues and processes of governance.” LeGris said. “As part of our work with the Public Input Subcommittee, we are seeking to modernize the ways residents can engage with Council, which includes integrating the use of tools like Engage Lexington. We are excited to provide another way for our residents to share their thoughts and feedback.”

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