Chemical root control work March 3 – 11

As part of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s infrastructure program, chemical foam is being injected into the sanitary sewer system to control and inhibit root growth within the system. Although the chemical is safe, you may experience the smell of rotten eggs or sewer fumes if there is no water in your drain traps. Please run water in any drain that may not have been used lately. If you experience these smells, ventilate the area and the smell should go away.

Here are the areas that crews are expected to be working in:

List was updated on March 2, 2023.

North Elkhorn 2      Council District 6

Gaidry Rd

Jennifer Rd


West Hickman 6 and 7     Council Districts 5 and 7

Butternut Hill Ct

Codell Dr

E New Circle Rd

Elderberry Ct

Elkwood Ct

Heaton Ct

Laketower Dr

Mirahill Dr

Mulberry Dr

Osage Ct

Palumbo Dr

Peachtree Rd

Plumtree Ct

Thornberry Ct

Timberhill Ct

Windwood Ct


Wolf Run 2 and 3     Council Districts 10 and 11

Alexandria Dr

Balsam Dr

Camellia Dr

Cross Keys Rd

Della Dr

Fair Oaks Dr

Fallon Rd

Georgian Way

Juniper Dr

Lane Allen Rd

Lansill Rd

Lily Dr

Maywick View Ln

Old Nassau Rd

Oleander Dr

Palms Dr

Pine Bloom Dr

Port Royal Ct

Port Royal Dr

Roanoke Rd

Seven Pines Dr

Stephens Ln

The Ln

Williamsburg Rd

Winterberry Dr