Lex Do This!

Mayor Linda Gorton, Governor Andy Beshear and Fayette Commissioner of Health Dr. Kraig Humbaugh this morning kicked off Lexington’s public campaign to educate and encourage citizens to get their COVID-19 Vaccine.

The Lex Do This! campaign got an immediate shot in the arm from a diverse group of ministers, who took part in the kick-off, then received their vaccinations at a clinic the Health Department is operating at Consolidated Baptist Church.

Lex Do This!  emphasizes the need for everyone to get vaccinated when it’s your turn. “The vaccine is the best tool we have in our toolbox to fight COVID-19,” Gorton said. Lex Do This!  is focused on the importance of getting the vaccine so we can return to our schools, jobs, and friends and family gatherings.”

The Mayor’s Vaccine Task Force, co-chaired by Chuck Mix and Dr. Humbaugh, has worked on developing the campaign over the past several weeks.

Thanks to the support and expertise of Kip Cornett, who led the Education and Communication Vaccine Task Force committee, and the team at Cornett, the Lex Do This! campaign involves outreach through social media, television, radio, print media, billboards, and more. “The City is thankful for the many media partners who are working to help spread the campaign’s message throughout the community,” Gorton said. “And thanks to Monster Color, which provided the banners and posters.”

One focus of the campaign will be outreach to underserved communities. “Thanks to the ministers who are here today to get a vaccine,” Gorton said. “We hope they will be an inspiration to their congregations, and help build confidence in the vaccine.”

Dr. Humbaugh said, “We have worked with these pastors and clergy since the beginning of the pandemic to improve our outreach throughout Lexington. Today is another way to get more African-Americans in Lexington comfortable with getting the COVID-19 vaccine. This is especially important for those 70 and older, as they are at the highest risk of complications, including death, from this virus.”

Consolidated Baptist Church served as a testing site and is now partnering with the health department to help vaccinate Lexington citizens. “In the midst of this pandemic, we finally are seeing a glimmer of hope. Almost a year in with over 450,000 lives lost, many of which have been in the African American community, there is reason for hope,” said Pastor Richard Gaines, Consolidated Baptist. “Though we have a ways to go in this fight, Consolidated Baptist Church has gladly sought to be welcoming and to do everything within our power to aid in this struggle. We take great joy in having been able to partner with the Lexington Fayette County Health Department, Mayor Gorton, and Governor Beshear in this worthwhile effort.”

In order to make the campaign successful, the City received financial support from the Blue Grass Community Foundation. Foundation President / CEO Lisa Adkins pledged the organization’s support of our community. “For nearly 55 years, the Community Foundation has focused on bringing people together to do good,” Adkins said. “This initiative is another powerful example of how our community’s generosity can achieve great things … in this case, literally saving lives and helping our economy get back on track.” The Mayor’s Fund for the Greater Good also provided support. 

Individuals and businesses are invited to take part in the Lex Do This! campaign. Businesses and organizations can request campaign posters by emailing mayor@lexingtonky.gov. Individuals are encouraged to record their own Lex Do This! video explaining why it’s important they get their COVID-19 vaccine when it is their turn. Individuals should use #LexDoThis. A digital tool kit will be available on-line so anyone can get involved.


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