New residential construction

All new residential construction requires complete plans review and permit acquisition prior to construction.  Information on plan reviews and permits are listed below.  

On-site inspections are required to be scheduled and will be provided by a new construction staff inspector free of charge. A final inspection, approval  and "Certificate of Occupancy" are required by state law, prior to occupancy of any residential structure.

Plan review

The following are required for plan review:

  • A dimensioned site plan which locates the structure on the lot.
  • A foundation plan showing poured wall or crawl space details, if applicable.
  • A floor plan with all rooms identified and dimensioned.
  • A proper wall section
  • Front, side and rear elevations of the proposed structure.
  • Framing details including joist and rafter layouts, truss layout, and knee walls, if applicable.
  • Floor elevation callout on site plan, relative to closest downstream manhole.
  • LFUCG Division of Engineering approval of site drainage and erosion control measures.

All plans must be on paper no smaller than 8 1/2" X 11" and must be drawn to scale or properly dimensioned. 

Plans may be submitted for review or can be reviewed upon request at the Building Inspection office on a first-come, first served basis during regular working hours.

Permit applications

Permit applications for new residential construction are available online.


Permit fees are based on the square footage to be built and a per dwelling base fee.