Neighborhood Development Fund Requests

Does your non-profit organization need funding for a small project, event or programmatic support? The urban county council allocates neighborhood development funds (NDF) to local non-profit organizations for any public purpose for the use and benefit of the community. Each request must be sponsored by a Council Office. Find your Council Member.

The Urban County Council may allocate an NDF on the recommendation of any member to incorporated non-profit organizations for any lawful public purpose in the best interest of and for the benefit of the community. Organizations must be in good standing with the Kentucky Secretary of State.

Council approves NDF requests monthly and once approved, funds will be mailed to the receiving organization in approximately four to six weeks.

Eligible Organizations

The following entities are eligible to receive NDF allocations:

  • Neighborhood associations;
  • Parent-teacher organizations;
  • Public purpose civic Organizations;
  • Urban County Government operating divisions for special projects;
  • Other incorporated non-profit public purpose groups.


The following entities are not eligible to receive NDF allocations:

  • Fayette County school system;
  • Established religious organizations (general "public purpose” uses may be considered in consultation with the Department of Law);
  • Any for-profit organization.

Examples of previous NDFs include: 

  • Electrical work for a neighborhood entrance sign for Wyndham Meadows HOA
  • Shirts and materials for the back to school rally for the 16th District PTA at Brenda Cowen Elementary School
  • Assistance to the Veterans Festival in Masterson Station Park for Lady Vets Connect, Inc.
  • Assistance to the KY Black Writers Collaborative at WUKY at the Lexington Carnegie Center
  • Support to the 2023 Tahlsound Concert Series with LexArts


You can find a list of commonly asked questions below.

What is an NDF? 

NDF stands for Neighborhood Development Funds. The Urban County Council can use these funds to help non-profits and other organizations in Lexington for any public purpose in the best interest of and for the benefit of the community.

What can an NDF be used for? 

NDFs can be used for a variety of purposes. These funds have previously been used to support things like neighborhood events, neighborhood signage restoration, non-profit programming and initiatives.  

Are we guaranteed funds if we submit a request? 

You are not guaranteed funding if you submit a request. We encourage applicants to be as detailed as possible in their application submissions. Contact your Council Member with any questions. Find your Council Member.

What information does an NDF request require? 

The NDF requires the organization’s name, mailing address, contact information, proof of good standing with the Secretary of State, the amount requested, and any supporting documents such as letters, quotes, invoices, bids, etc.

How do we find out our Secretary of State Status? 

You can find your Secretary of State status by following the steps listed below. 

How can I request an NDF?

Who do we contact to find out the status of our NDF request? 

You can contact your sponsoring Council Member’s office to find out the status of your request. Find your Council Member.

How much funding could we receive? 

NDF disbursements range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, but most disbursements are around $500 – $1000 dollars. 

If our NDF request is approved, how long does it take to receive the funds? 

Council approves NDF requests at the last Work Session of the month. The NDF process could take up to four to six weeks after that Work Session.

If your request is approved, you will receive an agreement to sign. The agreement must be signed and returned within 30 days of approval. Once the agreement is received, the funds will be mailed to the receiving organization.  

What financial reporting requirements are there? 

The organization is required to submit all relevant receipts and financial documentation to the sponsoring Council Member’s office within six months of receiving the funds. 

What can make an organization ineligible for future NDFs? 

There are three ways an organization may become ineligible for NDFs: 

  1. If the NDF agreement is not signed and returned in 30 business days, the allocated funds will be forfeited, and the organization will be ineligible for funds for one year. 
  2. If the organization does not deposit the check within 60 days, they will be ineligible to receive funds for one year. 
  3. If the organization fails to provide financial documentation to the sponsoring Council Member’s office within six months of receiving the funds, the organization will be ineligible to receive funds for one year. 

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Please contact your Council Member with any additional questions. Find your Council Member.