Neighborhood Character Design (ND-1) Overlay Zones

LFUCG is committed to helping preserve and the protect the character of neighborhoods throughout Lexington.  Two types of neighborhood zoning help facilitate this preservation.

  1. Local Historic District (H-1) Overlay Zones – go to Historic Preservation for details and a list of these zones 
  2. Neighborhood Design Character (ND-1) Overlay Zones  – ND-1 Overlay Zones provide residents with the ability to adopt design standards to conserve and protect the character of their neighborhood or business district by imposing regulations on how new construction and/or additions will look. The following design elements can be regulated via ND-1 zoning:
  • Exterior building materials
  • Roof lines and shape
  • Repeating elements
  • Landscaping requirements
  • Minimum window and door openings
  • Front building features
  • Garage doors
  • Lot widths
  • Building orientation
  • Building heights
  • Building setbacks
  • Rear yard building setbacks
  • Accessory structures
  • Accessory dwelling units
  • Bulk plane (main face of building)
  • Off-street parking design
  • Floor Area Ratio
  • Signage

Additional information about the ND-1 Overlay Zone and a brief overview of the ND-1 zoning process.

Existing ND-1 Area Design Standards and Maps

For more information about the ND-1 overlay zone or any of the existing ND-1 areas, contact the Division of Planning.