Lex Clean Parks

Lexington parks have seen record usage over the past few months and an increase in litter and many park-goers have reached out, asking what they can do to love their parks during this unique time. 

That's why we're excited to launch Lex Clean Parks challenge! 

The Lex Clean Parks encourages all park users to safely clean up trash and litter individually or with their families as they enjoy Lexington parks this fall.

Join us from September 14 – 30 for a city wide cleanup! 

Get ready

Make sure that you have all of the tools that you need – gloves, trash bags, and a face mask. Bring a trash-grabber, too, if you have one. 

We are offering FREE CLEAN-UP KITS to 50 participants. Kits will include childrens gardening gloves, trashbags and a trash picker. 

Pickup your free kit at Parks & Recreation offices at Picadome (469 Parkway Dr.) on September 11 from 3  – 5:30 p.m.


Pick your park

We have over 100 parks in Lexington to choose from! 

Full list of parks

Want a little help narrowing it down? These parks are perfect for a family cleanup project! 

1150 Garrison Ave.

Beaumont Preserve
2020 Allegheny Way

201 Castlewood Dr.

Charles Young Park
215 Midland Ave.

1670 Old Paris Pike

550 W Sixth St.

Cross Keys
1240 Cross Keys Road

726 Georgetown St.

956 Turkey Foot Road

1835 Yorktown

Green Acres
1560 LaSalle Road

Idle Hour
212 St. Ann Dr.

Johnson Heights
846 Johnsdale Dr.

612 Bryanwood Pkwy.

3190 Montavesta

561 Benton Rd

Martin Luther King
1625 McCullough Dr.

Mary Todd
525 Rodgers Road

Mount Tabor
555 Elk Lake Dr.

140 Eastern Ave.

Pleasant Ridge
1350 Pleasant Ridge Dr.

Preston Springs
1937 Dunkirk Dr.

2077 Cambridge Dr

Wolf Run
1616 Maywick View Ln

457 Larkwood Dr.

601 East High St.

Time to cleanup

Head to your local park and clean up as much trash as you can carry in your trash bag. 

Tie off your trash bags and set them next to a park trash can to be collected, or dispose of it in a trash can, if space allows. You can also take the trash home with you and put it out with your regular weekly collection. 

Wash your hands thoroughly! If you have hand sanitizer, use it!

Remember to post “before and after” photos of your accomplishments on social media and include the name of your park! Use #lexcleanparks and tag @lexkyparks.

Share your impact

Did you help keep a Lexington park clean? Let us know using the form below!