The urban county council has the authority to abolish any classified or unclassified civil service position when economic necessity requires it or there is no longer a need for a particular position to exist. Any classified civil service employee occupying said position may be laid off or suspended until and if such position is recreated or reestablished.

When employees in a designated class within an executive unit are to be laid off, such employees will be determined in the following order of succession:

  1. Seasonal employees
  2. Part-time employees
  3. Temporary employees
  4. Probationary employees
  5. Permanent employees

Any reduction in the number of employees of any executive unit will, to the extent that it requires the layoff of any permanent employees, be made in the reverse order of their seniority measured from the date of entrance into classified civil service employment for classified civil service employees or from the date of entrance into unclassified civil service employment for unclassified civil service employees.

In case of equal service, permanent employees in the class involved will be laid off in order of the lowest average performance rating for the last two (2) years of service.

Code of Ordinances, Sec. 21-20. – Layoff.
Code of Ordinances, Sec. 22-18. – Layoff.

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