Jury duty

The city realizes that it is the obligation of all U.S. citizens to serve on a jury when summoned to do so. Pursuant to the code of ordinances, section 21-37.e., all employees will be allowed time off with pay—not to exceed three (3) calendar months in any one (1) calendar year—to perform such civic service as required by law. Employees are expected to provide a copy of the summons to their supervisor along with a written request for jury duty leave.

Employees on jury duty leave will report for work when excused by the court for part of a day or for one (1) or more whole days. Failure to report for work when excused by the court will result in termination of paid jury duty leave and may expose the employee to disciplinary action. If the required absence presents a serious conflict for management, employees may be asked to try to postpone jury duty.

Time served on jury duty will not be considered hours worked for purposes of computing overtime pursuant to the urban county government’s code of ordinances, section 21-28.

Code of Ordinances, Sec. 21-28. – Overtime.
Code of Ordinances, Sec. 21-37. (e). – Leave of absence (Jury Duty).

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