How to properly prune your street tree

First cut1: Use a good pruning saw with a sharp blade to prune branches greater than ¼ inch in diameter.

2: Prune branches less than ¼ inch in diameter using hand pruners. 

3: Always wear work gloves and eye protection when pruning to avoid personal injury.

4: Start by making the first cut on the underside of the branch. Cut half way into the branch. This will prevent the bark from tearing and stripping the bark from the trunk. 

Final cut5: Make the second cut just beyond the first cut and make the cut all the way through the branch.

6: The final cut should be made just outside of the branch collar and the branch bark ridge.  Avoid making pruning cuts flush to the trunk and do not leave branch stubs. The use of a tree wound dressing is not recommended.

7: By making a good pruning cut, the tree will seal the wound by forming callus tissue.

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