How do I get involved?


  • Participate in a Homeless Prevention and Intervention Board Meeting or a Committee meeting. 
  • Call any organization/shelter and ask for a tour to learn more about their work and how you can support them.
  • Advocate to local leaders about increasing fair housing opportunities in our community, including rental opportunities for people with past criminal records, poor credit or poor rental histories. The inability to find rental housing can often lead to homelessness. 
  • Support “second chance employers” who consider qualifications and expertise before rejecting someone because of mistakes made previously. Some people can’t find work because employers reject their applications based strictly on long past criminal incidents.
  • Follow organizations like the Homeless & Housing Coalition of Kentucky (HHCK) for more advocacy opportunities.


We know that housing ends homelessness. Support Lexington’s rent sharing and supportive services program dedicated to ending chronic homelessness in Lexington. More information

Find an organization that you identify with and support them by donating items and supplies they need. Always ask first to ensure the items you collect are needed.

Ensure the organizations you support are outcomes-oriented with clear plans to end homelessness. Is ending homelessness part of their mission?

Do not give to panhandlers or individuals asking for money. Many of these individuals are not homeless, and others struggle with severe substance addictions.

  • Giving cash is harmful and may cause injury or death by supporting addictions.
  • Giving clothes, food and supplies undermine the efforts of professionals who are often working to help that person end their homelessness. Sometimes professionals cannot help house individuals successfully because they are being provided significant support to live on the streets of Lexington.
  • Meals and shelter beds are available in Lexington every day of the week. Most of those asking for money are choosing not to seek help.

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  • Find an organization you identify with and ask how you can volunteer to help or support.
  • Work alongside professional organizations to avoid duplication of services.
  • Do not serve meals or distribute items in parks or other spaces not designed to service delivery. This duplicates services and undermines the work of our shelters and housing programs.
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