How to apply for a Shared Mobility Vehicle license

Submitting an application

Getting started

Log into the Accela Citizen Portal using the account you just created. 

After logging in, select the planning tab.
Photo explaining where to click on the accela




Check the box box that says "I have read and accepted the above terms" and select "continue application."

SMV license

Select "SMV License" and continue. Follow the instructions provided for you through the process.

You must complete the SMV licensing process before applying for an SMV Permit. Every preferred or designated SMV parking location (rebalancing locations) will require a separate permit. All parking locations must be submitted before you can be approved for a license. 

After you have completed the license application, it will begin the review process. Once the license application has been reviewed and approved you will receive a pending status until all parking locations have been submitted and approved.

Uploading documents

When uploading documents, title the document so it corresponds with the application details it provides. 

SMV license completion

After completing the license application you will see that your application has been successfully submitted. You will be given a record number (PLN-SMVR-XX-XXXXX). 

All correspondence regarding your application should include this in the subject title for emails or in the heading, if on paper, along with your company name.

SMV permits

To apply for the SMV permits, log into Accela and navigate to the planning tab. Select SMV permits and follow the steps to fill out the permit application.

When searching for parking locations, fill in the street number and name, then click search.  This will validate the address in our GIS system and prompt you to select a property.

Selecting a contact

When selecting an associated contact, be sure to choose your information.

SMV permits completion

After completing the SMV permit, you will receive a record number associated with that location (PLN-SMVP-XX-XXXXX).  All correspondence related to that location should include that number in the subject line of the email.

Repeat the SMVP steps for every parking location.