Go See Trees

Make some time to meet some of the amazing trees in our Lexington community! Central Kentucky offers a wide diversity of tree species, many of which are featured in the Go See Trees program. The trees are located all throughout Fayette County. Take a “tree-cation” and go see them all. Or, visit just a few – maybe ones that are near your neighborhood or that represent types of trees you may want to plant at home. 

Go See Trees was initially developed as a project of the 2018 – 2019 Community Environmental Academy.

Go See Trees

¡Conoce algunos de los increíbles árboles de nuestra comunidad! Kentucky central tiene una amplia diversidad de especies de árboles, muchas de las cuales se incluyen en el programa Go See Trees. Los árboles se encuentran en todo el condado. Tome un "catión de árbol" y vaya a verlos todos. O visite solo algunos, tal vez algunos que estén cerca de su vecindario o que representen tipos de árboles que tal vez desee plantar en casa.

Go See Trees se desarrolló inicialmente como un proyecto de la 2018-2019 Academia Ambiental Comunitaria.

Go See Trees fall challenge

Our Go See Trees Fall Challenge has ended but you can still explore 2022’s highlighted trees!

Go See Trees highlights the importance of planting the right tree in the right place. Different species of trees do well in different environments. Planted in the right place, a tree can thrive for a lifetime. Soil moisture, utility lines, pollution levels and space constraints are all some of the factors that contribute to whether a tree will do well in a particular location.  
This year, Go See Trees featured 15 trees that helped to highlight some of our favorite neighborhood parks around Fayette County. Go See Trees Fall 2022: Big Trees, Small Park aimed to bring residents closer to the 100+ parks found all over Lexington and the many tree species found within them. City parks can be an ideal place for a tree to grow to its fullest potential, so we’ve selected some of our favorites for you to learn more about! Though the challenge has now ended, you can still learn about and view the highlighted trees using the map below!

Take the tree tour

Tree tour map

Bonus activities

  • Read about each tree in the pop-up windows on the map
  • Explore each of the parks after you visit the tree; walk the trails or play on the playgrounds!

Tree mulch