Go See Trees

Go See Trees is a way to introduce Lexington residents to some of the amazing trees in our community. Central Kentucky has a wide diversity of tree species, many of which are featured in the Go See Trees program. The trees are located throughout the county. Take a “tree-cation” and go see them all. Or, visit just a few – maybe ones that are near your neighborhood or that represent types of trees you may want to plant at home.

Go See Trees fall challenge

Go See Trees is back! Watch this space for information on the 2019 Fall Challenge, coming soon.

Take the tree tour

Coming soon... an updated tree passport so you can track your progress!

Bonus Activities

  • Read about each tree in the pop-up windows on the map
  • Explore the parks and walk the trails after you visit the tree

Tree tour map

Go See Trees spring challenge

The Go See Trees Spring Challenge has ended. Congratulations to the winner of the grand prize, Ellie Cutts! 

Go See Trees and the Spring Challenge was a project of the 2018 – 2019 Citizens' Environmental Academy.