Franchise Leagues

Lexington Parks & Recreation is accepting applications from youth leagues to provide athletic programing to benefit youth throughout the city. Franchise agreements are long-term, contractual relationships. Services are sought for athletic venues and fields owned by Lexington Parks & Recreation and must serve the residents of Lexington and Fayette County.

More than one league and more than one sport may be selected to partner at the facility. A facility usage player fee will be instituted at LFUCG’s discretion based on including a scholarship program and the cost of participation.  

Currently Available Locations

There are no currently open franchise opportunities. Please check back later for new opportunities or contact Curtis Mitchell, Superintendent of Enterprise, at (859) 288-2971 or to be added to a list for future alerts.

Application Process

Franchise agreement applications will be received and reviewed by the Franchise Agreement Committee. If a Franchise proposal aligns with a specific season (i.e. spring or fall), please submit it six weeks in advance of that timeframe. 

For questions about the Franchise Agreement Application or what constitutes a franchise, contact Curtis Mitchell, Superintendent of Enterprise, at (859) 288-2971 or

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a partnership and a franchise?
    The primary difference is franchise leagues are expected to maintain the grounds/property and have sole use for programing during designated use times.
  • Can I charge a participation fee if I am a franchise?
    Franchise leagues manage all operational aspects of the league, including participant fees. Franchise leagues are expected to pay Lexington Parks & Recreation a per-player fee, depending on agreement details, and submit necessary financial reports.
  • Can the agreement be renewed and how long does it last?
    Agreement lengths vary depending on community needs. Length of agreements could be one to three years with automatic renewals.
  • If I am a partner or part of a franchise, do I also need to rent space?
    Franchises are given specific areas of play. Any additional need for space will go through Park & Recreation's Rental Department.
  • Will a franchise league have full control of the fields?
    Franchises have full control of the fields during allotted times of play, including field maintenance, inspections, and prep.
  • Can a franchise league host outside teams and tournaments?
    The franchise may host outside teams and tournaments that involve that franchise league. The franchise league may not sublease or rent fields to outside organizations or teams. Fields are only to be used for sanctioned practice, games, and tournaments that involve the approved franchise league.
  • Can a franchise make improvements to the park?
    Should the league wish to make any improvement, modification, or alteration to the facilities, it must first present its proposed change to Lexington Parks & Recreation and must receive written permission before proceeding. Lexington Parks & Recreation shall retain ownership of any and all improvements made to the facilities.
  • What qualifies an organization to be accepted to manage franchise properties?
    Parks & Recreation accepts applications from youth leagues that benefit the community through recreational and competitive programming.
  • What if I have a question not on this list?
    Contact Curtis Mitchell, the Superintendent of Enterprise for Lexington Parks & Recreation, at (859) 288-2971 or