Energy Initiatives

The Energy Initiatives Section is responsible for managing the natural gas, water & electricity used by government operations. In total, LFUCG spends about $18 million a year on these three utilities. City operations include traditional offices, community centers and traffic control devices, but also sewer pump stations, water treatment plants and leased services such as street lights and fire hydrants.

WPie Chart of costse work closely with divisions across government to implement the city’s Energy Management Plan which was established in 2004 to reduce consumption of utility and fuel resources, promote conservation, and realize cost savings.

Data is the foundation of energy management. The LFUCG uses EnergyCAP software to monitor its utility information. With over 1,200 accounts to track each month, the software’s ability to compare current bills against historical data is a valuable time saver for spotting outlier behavior and sharing information with end users.

The Energy Initiatives Section hosts regular meetings of the city’s Energy Team. The meetings provide an opportunity to share ideas, report problems and coordinate project activities. Improved communications has been very successful. Energy efficiency criteria is being used to guide purchasing decisions in new buildings, repairs and retrofits and account-by-account rate analysis has identified less expensive options for many utility accounts, saving taxpayer dollars.

To compliment these efforts, the LFUCG has established the Energy Improvement Fund – an internal revolving loan program that allows utility savings from energy management activities to be applied to future projects. The Energy Initiatives Section plays a key role in tracking project performance and making a business case for the next facility improvement.

Other examples of services provided by the Energy Initiatives Section include:

  • Monitoring and reporting on building energy performance,
  • Providing technical guidance regarding equipment selection,
  • Conducting building energy audits and equipment data logging,
  • Quantifying the impact of energy efficiency projects, and
  • Managing the front-end servers for the city’s building automation systems.

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Have a question about LFUCG's energy management programs? Use the contact information at right to speak with one of our program managers.