LFUCG identification badge

As a vital part of our security system, an LFUCG identification badge with your name, photo and area of assignment will be issued to you on your first day of employment. The ID badge is also your electronic key to enter LFUCG-secured buildings and other areas as needed. If you need a new ID, contact the security supervisor (859) 258-3936 to make an appointment. Fill out the identification form, print and return it to the security office. 

You are required to wear your badge in plain view while at work, and you must replace your badge if it is lost, or stolen, or your name or area of assignment changes. Immediately report and replace lost or stolen badges by calling the security office at (859) 258-3936. They are located on the first floor of the Government Center at 200 East Main St.

ID badges are the property of LFUCG and must be returned to the security office upon termination of employment. The employee or their supervisor can return the badge by interoffice mail, hand-delivery, or by dropping it in any mailbox that is owned by the United States Postal Service.

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