Driver's education information in international languages

Driver's licenses in Lexington/Fayette County are issued through the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk.

You can find more information about how to test for a driver's license or how to get your license renewed through the Circuit Court Clerk's website. 

Circuit Court Clerk's website

In Kentucky, any non-US citizen with a valid out of state license transferring into the Commonwealth does not have to undergo any testing by Kentucky State Police. They will transfer their license like any other valid US license holder from another state.

Katika KY, raia yeyote ambaye sio Mmarekani aliye na leseni halali ya uhamishaji wa Jumuiya haifai kupimwa na Polisi wa Jimbo la Kentucky. Watahamisha leseni yao kama mmiliki yeyote halali wa leseni ya Amerika kutoka jimbo lingine.

Driver's educational videos in international languages

Global Lex has developed online learning videos for the international residents of Lexington/Fayette County. These videos cover the basics of driving and will help residents prepare for the driver's license exam. 

Currently there are videos in the Arabic, French and Swahili.

Arabic drivers education

French drivers education

Swahili drivers education