Dog parks

Lexington is home to five great dog parks and two dog lots (smaller size) at locations around the city. Check out the locations and more information below.

Rules For Dog Park Use

  • Owners are legally responsible for the actions of their dog(s).
  • Dog waste must be cleaned up by owners.
  • “Off-leash” does not mean unsupervised. Owners must be within the park and within view of their dog(s) at all times.
  • Aggressive dogs must be leashed and removed immediately. Dog owners must have a leash available at all times.
  • All children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Small children must be kept under strict supervision by an adult.
  • Dogs must be leashed while entering and exiting the dog park.
  • Female dogs in heat are prohibited.
  • Owners must fill any holes dogs dig.
  • All dogs must have proof of appropriate licensing and vaccinations.
  • Please do not bring food for yourself or your dog inside the dog park.

Note: If you observe aggressive dog behavior or have animal care concerns, call Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control at (859) 255-9033 during their normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Leave a voice message for after-hours questions. 

Visit for additional information on animal care and control in Fayette County.

Expand the sections below for more information about dog park locations. 

Coldstream Park

Located at 1850 Pisacano Dr. Coldstream dog park offer numerous amenities including: 

  • 12 acres divided into two paddocks
  • Separate paddock for small dogs
  • Water hydrant available
  • Benches


Jacobson Park

Located at 4001 Athens-Boonesboro Road Jacobson Park dog park offers numerous amenities including: 

  • 8 acres divided into two paddocks
  • Shaded areas
  • Water hydrant available
  • Benches


Masterson Station Park

Located at 3051 Leestown Road Masterson Station Dog Park offer numerous amenities including: 

  • 13.5 acres divided into two paddocks
  • Shaded areas with mature trees
  • Water hydrant available in each paddock
  • Benches


Phoenix Park*

Phoenix Park dog park is located at 100 E. Main St. and while it is a smaller park, still offers several amenities including: 

  • 0.1 acres in central downtown location (*considered a dog lot, not a dog park)
  • Pilot urban dog park in cooperation with Anderson Communities

Pleasant Ridge Park

Pleasant Ridge Park is located at 1350 Pleasant Ridge Dr.  and offers several amenities including: 

  • 0.5 acres (*considered a dog lot, not a dog park)
  • Water is available at the shelter/restroom building adjacent to the parking lot

Veterans Park

Veterans Park is located at 650 Southpoint Dr. and offers numerous amenities including: 

  • 4 acres in a single paddock
  • Accessible water fountain with pet bowl
  • Benches at both entrances
  • Over 90 trees being planted October 2022

Wellington Park

Wellington Park is located at 565 Wellington Way and offer numerous amenities including: 

  • 7 acres divided into two paddocks
  • Shaded areas with mature trees
  • Water hydrant available outside the dog park