Attorneys in the Department of Law represent and provide comprehensive legal services to the Urban County Government in all legal matters.  The Department does not provide legal services to citizens. The Department is organized into three general practice areas:  corporate counsel, litigation and collections and finance.

Corporate counsel

Attorneys in the Department provide comprehensive legal services to the Urban County Government, including all departments and divisions, the Mayor, the Urban County Council and various boards and commissions.  This includes providing daily legal advice, reviewing and preparing legal documents and instruments such as contracts and deeds, drafting all ordinances and resolutions and staffing formal public meetings.


Attorneys in the Department represent and oversee the representation of the Urban County Government in state and federal courts.  They also provide representation before Urban County Government administrative hearing boards and administrative bodies such as the Public Service Commission and the Human Rights Commission. They also represent the government in disputes with collective bargaining units.  The Department oversees the Urban County Government’s Property and Casualty Claims Fund.  

The Department generally handles several hundred new cases each fiscal year, including the defense of the government when it is sued and the prosecution of collection matters.

Collections and finance

Attorneys in the Department provide legal representation and advice in specialized areas, including debt collection, collective bargaining, economic development, federal and state legislative review, capital projects, bonding, taxation, pensions and grants.