Facilities and Fleet Management

Facilities and Fleet Management is responsible for maintaining the Urban County Government's general use buildings and acquisitions and for the maintenance, repair and disposal of over 2,100 vehicles and pieces of equipment. 

Facilities Management has skilled trades workers that perform work on electric, heating, ventilation/air conditioning and plumbing systems. Employee also handle carpentry work, painting duties and custodial service through the use of in-house staff and contracted services. This division also oversees the maintenance for the elevators, fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems and provides pest control through the use of contractors.

Facilities Management also performs and/or manages contracts for the construction of new facilities and renovation of older buildings. They also manage the asbestos and lead paint removal programs for the government and some outside agencies. 

Fleet Management's complex has 18 bays for heavy equipment, 14 bays for cars and light trucks, a parts stockroom, a warehouse and a paint and body shop. This division also operates a computerized fleet management system that controls inventory, fuel and maintenance and the maintenance records for the government's fleet.