City employees who obtain positions within the Unified Pay Plan (pay grades are in the 500-series) for classified and unclassified civil service having lower pay grades than their former positions will have their salary placed at the point in the lower-grade salary ranges that will provide a total reduction in salary of 7% for the first pay grade below the employees' current pay grade, 3% for the next pay grade and 2% for each additional pay grade thereafter, provided, however, that no employee will be paid below the entrance rate of pay or above the maximum for the grade.

Voluntary demotion

The appointing authority, upon the recommendation of the Human Resources director and approval of the Urban County Council, may grant voluntary demotion to an employee who meets the following criteria:

  1. The employee must apply in writing to their division director for voluntary demotion to an existing vacant position, and the division director will forward the completed application to the human resources director;
  2. The employee must have previously held a position in the class to which they are requesting demotion, have been on an eligibility list for the position, or have performed a majority of the duties of the position even if the class title may have changed after they left the position;
  3. The employee must secure the approval of the supervisor into whose division the demotion is to be made; and,
  4. The employee must have received a rating of at least two (2.0) on one of their last two performance evaluations; however, an employee who has received a rating of less than two (2.0) on either of their last two performance evaluations will not be eligible for voluntary demotion.

An employee who seeks voluntary demotion because of a physical inability to perform job duties must provide appropriate medical documentation to support the request. Said documentation will be attached to the employee's written request for voluntary demotion.

Code of Ordinances, Sec. 21-26.1. – Demotion.

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