Construction project information

Environmental Quality and Public Works (EQPW) manages the construction projects that improve Lexington's roads, sidewalks and sewer systems. Engineering projects include roadway widening, intersection improvements, trails, sidewalks and bridges. Water Quality projects include sanitary sewer trunk lines, pump stations, wet weather storage tanks, wastewater treatment plant improvements, storm sewer lines, culverts, detention basins and drainage management. 

The EQPW project map below shows active and upcoming projects managed by Environmental Quality and Public Works. This map provides detailed information about long-term projects that are highly visible and may have traffic or other impacts on neighborhoods. 

The utility permit map below shows right-of-way permits issued to utilities for projects in Lexington. It is useful for anyone looking for information about construction they notice in their neighborhood. 

The paving map below shows the streets that are under contract to be paved.  For more information on paving, see the Pavement Management Plan.

These maps are helpful for neighbors looking for information about upcoming projects and current construction in their communities. 

EQPW project map

Utility permitting map

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a screenshot of Lexington's Elizabeth Street area with dozens of red dots that represent utility right of way permits that have been issued

Paving map