Commercial construction

Building Inspection is responsible for ensuring that all new commercial buildings, additions and /or improvements within Fayette County comply with the Kentucky Building Code and the LFUCG Zoning Ordinance.

A permit will be issued after the appropriate construction documents, plans, etc. have been submitted, reviewed and approved by each of the necessary LFUCG agencies.

Building permits are required, but are not limited to the following:

  • New commercial building
  • New commercial addition
  • New paving
  • Commercial remodeling of any kind
  • Commercial fences
  • Retaining walls two feet or more in height
  • Commercial towers and satellite dish installation
  • Tanks for storage of all liquids and gases
  • Commercial canopies
  • Change of Use

An application for a commercial building permit only includes review and permitting work on a new building, building addition or building remodel and any site work associated with the project, with the exception of fences and retaining walls.

The following items/projects require a separate application, review, and/or permit usually handled by a subcontractor performing the work:

  • Fences & Retaining Walls- Application, Review, and Permit by LFUCG
  • Signs- Application, Review, and Permit by LFUCG
  • HVAC- Application, Review, and Permit by LFUCG
  • Plumbing- Application, Review, and Permit by State Inspector (859) 899-3244
  • Electrical- Permit by LFUCG; inspections by Commonwealth Inspections Bureau (859) 263-7800
  • Fire Suppression Shop Drawings- Review by LFUCG Building Inspection and Fire Department
  • Fire Detection Shop Drawings- Review by LFUCG Building Inspection and Fire Department

Note: The Division of Building Inspection may require paper plans in addition to the electronic submittal for large projects (typically over 50 pages)

Permit applications

All building inspection permit applications are available online at

Permit fees are based on the type of use and size as outlined in the Code of Ordinances for Lexington-Fayette County. 

Plan Review Board

The following is a list of contacts that review and sign off on all new commercial buildings and additions.

Review board