The Coldstream campus is a 50-acre site business development site located at the junction of I-75 and I-64. It is one hour from downtown Louisville and Cincinnati. The site is located an hour and 15 minutes away from the UPS worldwide hub.

The campus is located in a P-2 zone (approved uses include office, R&D and advanced manufacturing). For more information, please review the Zoning Ordinance.

Companies must have a connection to the University of Kentucky (workforce, university partnerships, etc.) and adhere to Coldstream Research Campus Design Guidelines and implementation schedule.

Industrial Development Authority

UK Coldstream Research Campus

Available sites

Arial photo and outlines of the available development sitesThere are seven sites available for development with a University Research Campus Zone (P-2).

  1. 1500 McGrathiana Pkwy. (9.6 acres)
  2. 1501 McGrathiana Pkwy. (8.1 acres)
  3. 1525 McGrathiana Pkwy. (6.0 acres)
  4. 1526 McGrathiana Pkwy. (5.5 acres)
  5. 1565 McGrathiana Pkwy. (2.6 acres)
  6. 1776 McGrathiana Pkwy. (11.3 acres)
  7. 1785 McGrathiana Pkwy. (4.2 acres)

For information about any of these sites, contact Kevin Atkins at (859) 258-3110 or

Available by July 2022

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This 200 acre innovative industrial park is located at the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Interstate 75/64 and Georgetown Road adjacent to the Coldstream Research Campus. The site is currently undeveloped and is being master planned for flexible and innovative industrial uses. Please contact Lexington Economic Partnership staff for additional information.

Legacy Business Park

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