City Employee Pharmacy

The City Employee Pharmacy is available to all employees and their dependents enrolled in any of the city’s medical insurance plans. The pharmacy can fill their prescriptions from any healthcare provider authorized to prescribe in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Through proprietary contracts, the City Employee Pharmacy can provide prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications at discounts far exceeding available retail pricing. They are offered at wholesale cost and can be delivered to city hall at no cost to the employee.

Those not enrolled in the city’s health insurance plans can still use the pharmacy for savings on over-the-counter (not prescribed) medications. For pharmacy hours and information on filling or transferring a prescription, call (859) 367-4990 or visit the benefits website.

Medication disposal drop box

You can dispose of any unused or expired prescription medication in a safe manner at the City Employee Pharmacy. Periodically cleaning out your medicine cabinet can help prevent items from being abused or accidentally ingested by children and pets. Disposing of medication is also safer for the environment as pills are not flushed down the drain or thrown in the garbage. 

The City Employee Pharmacy is located at 125 Lisle Industrial Ave. on the second floor. The drop box is located inside the pharmacy.