Vacant Property Review Commission

The Vacant Property Review Commission creates an annual list of vacant and dilapidated properties that are subject to additional property tax, and makes other recommendations regarding vacant property.

Commission Members

Commission members are appointed based on the membership requirements in the Code of Ordinances.


Current Members

  • Robert Rouse, Builder
  • Chad Walker, Licensed Realtor ®
  • Joshua Carter, Lending Institution Representative
  • Arthur T. Crosby, At-Large
  • David O'Neill, PVA (Non-Voting)

Statutes and Ordinances

The Vacant Property Review Commission was created by Chapter 12-82 of the Code of Ordinances to identify blighted and deteriorated properties, to certify properties that are taxed as "abandoned urban property" under Chapter 7-39 through 7-43 of the Code of Ordinances, and to make other recommendations concerning vacant, abandoned, and blighted properties.

For more information on the statutes and ordinances that govern the Vacant Property Review Commission please follow the links below: