Sister Cities Program Commission


This commission has not adopted bylaws

The Lexington Sister Cities Commission manages and maintains programs and partnerships with Lexington's four Sister Cities:

  • Deauville, France – 1957
  • County Kildare, Ireland – 1984
  • Shinhidaka, Japan – 1988
  • Newmarket, England – 2003

The Lexington Sister Cities Commission offers the opportunity for the community to learn about and participate in international relations, experience other cultures, language, art, music and ideas, understand the economics of world trade and tourism and increase our international business partnerships, and participate in cooperative community programs based on diversity.

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Meeting schedule and location

Meetings are held at least three times per year, usually in January, May, and September. Meetings are publicly noticed at least 24 hours in advance.

The time and location varies based on available conference space in the Government Center, 200 East Main St.

For more information about upcoming meeting dates, times, and locations, contact the Executive Director, Kay Sargent.

Meeting materials

Elected officers

Chair - Mary Quinn Ramer

Vice Chair - not elected