Downtown Lexington Management District Board of Directors


Pursuant to KRS 91.754 - 91.762


The Downtown Lexington Management District is a property tax improvement district responsible for improving the downtown area. The District is managed by a 15-member board composed of local business owners, residents and other downtown stakeholders.

The District puts tax dollars to work to enhance downtown through beautification, safety, and marketing efforts. The goal is to foster economic growth, renew interest in the area by businesses, residents and visitors, and ultimately increase property values.

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Meeting schedule and location

2023/2024 Meeting schedule

Sept. 6
Nov. 1
Jan. 1

All meetings are held at 8:30 a.m. at the McBrayer law firm, 201 E. Main St.

Meeting materials

Elected officers

Chair - Jim Frazier

Secretary - Clay Angelucci

Treasurer -  Mary Quinn Ramer