Alarm Advisory Board


Pursuant to KRS 65.8801

This board has not adopted bylaws

The Alarm Advisory Board is a Code Enforcement Board which has the following scope of authority: 

  • To require a license for an alarm business and a permit for the use of an alarm system and prohibit automatic direct dial to the Division of Police
  • To provide a procedure for the licensing of all alarm businesses and provide a procedure for obtaining alarm system user permit
  • To regulate the use of audible alarms
  • To assess penalties

Meeting schedule and location

Meetings are scheduled as needed to hear appeals and to review updates in state laws or city ordinances regarding the appeals process or the alarms ordinance. For upcoming meeting information, contact Sgt. Travis Overton.

All meetings are held at Police Headquarters, 150 E. Main St., 3rd floor conference room.

Meeting materials can be obtained by contacting Sgt. Travis Overton.

Elected officers

Officers are not elected.