Airport Board

Legislation, Chapter 2A-3

Subject to KRS 183.132

Governance Policies and Procedures Manual


Bluegrass Airport is owned by an independent unit of local government and is operated by a governing board.

The Board, as a whole, and each member individually, has a duty to promote and develop aviation, including air transportation, airports and air navigation facilities. Responsibilities of Board members include:

  • Establishing the vision, mission and core values within the context of the Board's statutory purpose
  • Setting policy in pursuit of the mission
  • Ensuring management presence that provides for the efficient and effective operation of all airport activities
  • Effectively representing the airport in appropriate public arena


The full Board, or one of the various Board committees, meets at least once per month, and Board members received regular correspondence form the executive director between meetings.

The airport is not funded by local tax dollars but instead is self-supportive by collecting revenue generated by the varied activities of the airlines, tenants, service providers and passenger use. The airport does receive federal, and more rarely, state grant funds for capital improvements.