Board of Adjustment legal advertisements

The publication of legal notice for Board of Adjustment hearings is required under KRS 100.263. Legal advertisements for each hearing will be posted here on or before the required notification date. If you have any questions, contact the Division of Planning at (859) 258-3160.

Legal advertisements

NOTICE is hereby given that the regular meeting of the Urban County Board of Adjustment, scheduled to be held on Monday, June 14, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. will be held via video teleconference.

The media and public may view the hearing on LexTV Spectrum channel 185, MetroNet channel 3, Windstream channels 3 and 20, or via live stream at the following link:

Please utilize the following information to participate in this public hearing:

        Webinar ID: 983 9957 8016

        Password: 263895

       Call in Number

+1 (929) 436-2866

The agenda for the public hearing will include:

1.     PLN-BOA-21-00021: HOMESTEAD DEVELOPMENT – requests a variance to reduce the amount of roof surface covered by 4:12 pitched roof from 75% to 0% in order to allow for a flat roof for one proposed multi-family residential structure within the defined Infill and Redevelopment Area in a High Rise Apartment (R-5) zone, on property located at 840 Angliana Ave. (Council District 3)

2.     PLN-BOA-21-00022: BALL HOMES LLC – requests variances to reduce the required setback for free-standing identification signs from 10’ to 6’ for three signs and from 10’ to 2’ for two signs at property in a Planned Neighborhood Residential (R-3) and High Density Apartment (R-4) zones, on property located at 299 Squires Circle and 480 Squires Road. (Council District 7)

3.     PLN-BOA-21-00028: ANTHONY AND DENISE PATRICK – request a variance to reduce the required side yard from 8’ to 5’ in order to construct an addition to an existing house in a Single Family Residential (R-1C) zone, on property located at 4998 Tynebrae Road. (Council District 12)

4.     PLN-BOA-21-00029: RANDY AND LINDA DEITRICH – request a variance to reduce the required rear yard from 10’ to 5’ in order to construct an addition to an existing house in a single family residential (R-1D) zone, on property located at 193 Manitoba Lane. (Council District 9)

5.     PLN-BOA-21-00025: DUNKIN’ – requests 1) a conditional use for drive-through facilities and 2) modifications to the existing conditional use for parking within the R-3 portion on split-zoned property located within the defined Infill & Redevelopment Area in  Neighborhood Business (B-1)/Planned Neighborhood Residential (R-3) zones, on property located at 507 S. Limestone. (Council District 3)

6.     PLN-BOA-21-00020: RODALE PROPERTIES LLC – requests an administrative appeal to increase the allowable size of an accessory structure from 834 square feet to 2,400 square feet in order to allow a recently constructed accessory structure to remain as constructed in a Single Family Residential (R-1B) zone, on property located at 523 Kingston Rd. (Council District 6)

For further information on these matters, or for persons with a disability who may need assistance in order to participate in the above meeting, please contact the Division of Planning, 101 E. Vine St., Lexington, KY, at 258‑3160.