Board of Adjustment legal advertisements

The publication of legal notice for Board of Adjustment hearings is required under KRS 100.263. Legal advertisements for each hearing will be posted here on or before the required notification date. If you have any questions, contact the Division of Planning at (859) 258-3160.

Legal advertisements

NOTICE is hereby given that the regular meeting of the Urban County Board of Adjustment, scheduled to be held on Monday, Nov. 9, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. will be held via video teleconference.

The media and public may view the hearing on LexTV Spectrum channel 185, MetroNet channel 3, Windstream channels 3 and 20, or via live stream.

Use the following information to participate in this public hearing:

Webinar ID: 967 6980 7663

Password: 182194

Call in Number

+1 (929) 436-2866

The agenda for the public hearing will include:

1.     PLN-BOA-20-00056: JN HARRODSBURG, LLC - requests variances to reduce the required front yard setback from 30’ to 20’ in order to construct a new house on each of 33 lots in a Single Family Residential (R-1D) zone, on property located at 4229-4299 Captains Ct. (formerly 4235 Harrodsburg Rd.) (Council District 10)

2.     PLN-BOA-20-00057: ANDERSON COMMUNITIES, INC – requests a variance to reduce the required setback for a yard adjacent to a more restrictive zone where the proposed development abuts the existing Agricultural Urban (A-U) zone from 25’ to 15’ on a split-zone property in High Density Apartment (R-4)/Agricultural Urban (A-U) zones, on property located at 3330 Todds Rd. (Council District 7)

3.     PLN-BOA-20-00053: SANDRA CLEMENTS – requests a conditional use for a home-based business (personal Pilates instruction) in a Single Family Residential (R-1C) zone, on property located at 3420 Crimson King Ct. (Council District 8)

4.     PLN-BOA-20-00054: NATHAN T. COOK – requests 1) a conditional use to extend the R-2 regulations into the B-1 zoned portion of the property in order to construct living quarters accessory to the single family dwelling unit, and 2) an administrative appeal to allow kitchen facilities in the proposed accessory living quarters within the defined Infill and Redevelopment Area in a Two Family Residential (R-2) zone, on property located at 140 Victory Ave. (Council District  5)

5.     PLN-BOA-20-00055: TATES CREEK CHRISTIAN CHURCH – requests a conditional use to establish a childcare center accessory to a place of religious assembly in a Single Family Residential (R-1C) zone, on property located at 3150 Tates Creek Rd. (Council District 5)

6.     PLN-BOA-20-00058: JOSEPH FENWICK – requests an administrative appeal to increase the allowable size of an accessory building from 690 square feet to 960 square feet in order to allow an addition to an existing detached garage to remain as constructed in a Single Family Residential (R-1C) zone, on property located at 2064 Rebel Rd. (Council District 9) 

The full agenda will be available at  Comments on these items may be submitted to the Division of Planning at the address listed below or by Monday, Nov. 9, 2020 at 10 a.m. For further information on these matters, or for persons with a disability who may need assistance in order to participate in the above meeting, please contact the Division of Planning, 101 E Vine St., Lexington, KY at 258‑3160.