Board of Adjustment legal advertisements

The publication of legal notice for Board of Adjustment hearings is required under KRS 100.263. Legal advertisements for each hearing will be posted here on or before the required notification date. If you have any questions, contact the Division of Planning at (859) 258-3160.

Legal advertisements

NOTICE is hereby given that The Urban County Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing on Monday, January 10, 2022 at 1:30 p.m. Council Chambers, 2nd floor, Government Center Building, 200 East Main Street, Lexington, KY, in order to hear comments about the following:

1.     PLN-BOA-21-00066: HPI PRESERVE LLC – requests a variance to increase the allowable height of a fence in a front yard from 4’ to 6.75’ in order to allow components of a front yard fence (vehicular gate and columns) to exceed the 4-foot height maximum in a High Density Apartment (R-4) zone, on property located at 845 Red Mile Rd. (Council District 11)

2.     PLN-BOA-21-00072: YAHUAH’S – requests a conditional use to establish a personal care facility in a Planned Neighborhood Residential (R-3) zone, on property located at 2813 Snow Rd. (Council District 5)

3.     PLN-BOA-21-00070: RYAN DAWSON – requests an administrative appeal to allow for construction of an in-ground swimming pool accessory to a non-conforming single family dwelling unit located within the B-1 zone on split-zoned property in Neighborhood Business (B-1)/Agricultural Rural (A-R) zones, located at 8660 Tates Creek Rd. (Council District 12)

4.     PLN-BOA-21-00071: ECTON FARM LLC – requests an administrative review to determine whether the Division of Planning made an error in their decision to not accept an additional application related to a previously approved conditional use, the issuance of which has been appealed and is currently being litigated in the Court of Appeals, in an Agricultural Rural (A-R) zone, on property located at 7524 Old Richmond Rd. (Council District 12)

The media and public may view the hearing on LexTV Spectrum channel 185, MetroNet channel 3, Windstream channels 3 and 20, or via live stream at the following link:

For further information on these matters, or for persons with a disability who may need assistance in order to participate in the above meeting, please contact the Division of Planning, 101 E. Vine St., Lexington, KY at 859-258-3160.