Acting assignment

When a classified civil service employee is to be absent from work for an extended period of time, the director of human resources may assign a classified or unclassified civil service employee in an acting capacity to perform the duties of the position so absented, provided the employee meets the minimum qualifications for the position.

After 15 working days in acting assignments, employees in acting assignments will receive pay at the point in the pay grade of absent employees that will provide a total increase of 7% over the salary the assigned employees received immediately prior to the acting assignment if the assignment is to a grade one grade higher than that occupied by the employees, 3% for the next grade higher than that occupied by the employees and 2% for each additional pay grade thereafter not to exceed the maximum of the assigned pay range; provided, however, the appointing authority may recommend and the Urban County Council may approve a rate of pay above the recommended rate of pay in recognition of market demands or in recognition of the experience or exceptional qualifications of the employees. In no case will employees receive a salary lower than the entrance rate of pay of the grade salary range of the higher position.

An employee receiving an acting assignment will sign an agreement acknowledging the assignment and pay are for filling an absented position and will end when the absent employee returns or the assigned employee is removed from the acting assignment.

Code of Ordinances, Sec. 21-16. – Acting assignments.
Code of Ordinances, Sec. 22-15. – Acting assignments to the classified civil service.

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