Stitch it, Don't Pitch It!

Get Crafty to Reduce Waste

The goal of Stitch It, Don’t Pitch It! is to bring Lexington together using easy crafting projects to create reusable replacements for single-use plastic and paper products. You can become a pro by attending classes or pop-up events, or you can DIY with the patterns and videos below.

Stitch It, Don't Pitch It! is a program initiated by participants in the city’s Citizens’ Environmental Academy.

Together we can make reusable bags, utensils, cups and coffee sleeves the new normal and single-use items a thing of the past.

Choose reusable

Top row has plastic water bottles, styrofoam takeout containers, plastic bags, paper coffee cups and plastic straws. Bottom row has reusable water bottle, Tupperware, reusable bag, reusable coffee mug and metal straw with cleaner. Text says, "It's easy to upgrade. Switch out the trash. Choose to reuse."

Problem: 500 billion single-use plastic bottles are used worldwide each year.
Solution: Take a reusable water bottle with you anywhere you go.

Problem: Styrofoam products, like to-go boxes, take up an estimated 25% to 30% of landfills around the planet.
Solution: Instead of taking food to-go, eat-in, and bring your own reusable containers to store and take away any leftovers.

Problem: An estimated 5 trillion plastic bags will be used this year. 
Solution: Take reusable bags with you whenever you shop, refuse to take a bag or make one out of spare fabric (pattern below).

Problem: Coffee cups, both styrofoam and plastic-covered paper, are not recyclable. Most communities (including Central Kentucky) also cannot recycle the plastic lids that accompany them. These cups are a single-use staple, with 16 billion used each year.
Solution: Bring a reusable coffee cup with you to the coffee shop. You’ll often get a discount! You can further reduce your impact by bringing your own fabric coffee sleeve. Learn how to make one below.

Problem: A top pollutant of beaches worldwide, plastic straws are small and easily ingested by animals. It’s estimated the U.S. alone uses 500 million of them per day.
Solution: Forgo the straw or carry a reusable metal, plastic or silicone straw with you wherever you go. Find the pattern to make your own carrying pouch below.

Small changes can make a big impact

Want to take charge of your waste reduction? Try these hands-on craft ideas using items you have around the house.

How to get involved

  • Attend an upcoming workshop 
  • Make items for distribution across Lexington
  • Design new reusable products
  • Organize a crafting party with your friends
  • Help with Stitch It, Don't Pitch It! classes and Pop-Up events


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