City Hall Development

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government is pursuing a public private partnership for a new, state-of-the-art City Hall in downtown Lexington. The LFUCG wishes to combine the services offered at three separate buildings (Government Center, Switow building and the Phoenix building) into one new or redeveloped modern and efficient facility. The vision for a new City Hall contributes to the mission of fostering transparency, inclusivity and efficiency in local governance.

Downtown City Hall Development Request For Proposal


Lexington, Kentucky, is a vibrant and growing community with a rich history and a promising future.  Combining the services currently provided at the Government Center at 200 E. Main St.,101 E. Vine St. (Phoenix building) and 212 E. Main St. (SWITOW) into one new or redeveloped state-of-the-art facility reflects our commitment to improving public services, enhancing accessibility, and fostering a stronger sense of community within our downtown core.

We are eager to explore creative solutions that not only address the functional needs of our government but also create a landmark destination that celebrates our city's identity and heritage. LFUCG is currently accepting proposals. Prospective bidders should register on IonWave to receive the latest information on the RFP process.

Our goals

We view City Hall as more than just a structure; it is a reflection of our community's shared identity and goals. Our vision for a new City Hall includes several key goals, each contributing to our mission of fostering transparency, inclusivity, and efficiency in local governance. Our vision for the new City Hall is shaped by the belief that a successful city hall is one that embodies the following principles:

Symbol of transparency and accountability

We want City Hall to be a symbol of trust and responsibility in our local government. The building should have a distinct design that reflects our city's identity and civic pride, making it a local landmark. City Hall should make our residents feel confident in our government.

Facilitating open dialogue and collaboration

City Hall should be a place where people can talk and work together. The design should have spaces for meetings, public forums, and places where citizens can interact with elected officials and city staff. We want our residents to be welcomed to participate in the local decision-making process.

Efficient delivery of municipal services

Inside City Hall, everything should be organized to make it easy to get things done. The design should help us work more efficiently and enhance productivity, while making it simple for our residents to get what they need from the city.

Functional excellence

City Hall should be a great place for city staff to work, so they can do their jobs well and help the community. It should also use modern technology to make government work better and be easier to access.

Flexibility for future needs

We're thinking ahead and want City Hall to be useful for a long time. The design should be flexible, so it can change with new government services, technology, and what we need.

Inclusivity at the forefront

Our City Hall should welcome everyone. We're committed to making sure everyone in our diverse community can be part of local decisions. Our design should have creative ideas for making City Hall accessible, inclusive of different languages and sensitive to different cultures.

Accessibility for all abilities

City Hall should be easy for everyone to use, no matter their abilities. The design should follow universal design principles, providing barrier-free access and accommodations for people with disabilities.

Safety and security

Keeping everyone safe is very important. City Hall should be smartly designed with modern security systems and plans to protect everyone who works there and visits.

Employee well-being

A new City Hall should provide a comfortable and healthy working environment for city employees, featuring comfortable and shared spaces that promote healthy indoor and outdoor environments. Employee well-being contributes to staff productivity and job satisfaction.


We are dedicated to creating a facility that embraces the core principles of sustainability, ensuring that our New City Hall is environmentally responsible and resilient for generations to come.

Cost efficiency

We want to build and run City Hall wisely. That means we'll be careful with how we spend money, not just when we build it, but also in the operation of the building. The overall goal is to reduce costs long-term. We want to use taxpayer dollars in a smart, cost effective way.